NMC Cellfoam at Elmia Subcontractor 2022

Elmia Subcontractor 2022 – the fair was a great success this year. We got to meet our current customers and suppliers as well as made new acquaintances with people and interesting ideas. The theme of the fair was the Heart of industrial know-how. We wanted to show you our NMC Heart which resembles our passion for converting your ideas into reality by combining our knowledge of different materials, production methods and engineering. The puzzle shapes in the Heart symbolize smooth integration of different processes that we use in our everyday operations.

Engineering team also present

This year our engineering team was at the fair representing NMC Cellfoam together with our sales team. Straight away from the very first contact they started to co-create solutions with the visitors upon their needs and ideas. From the amount of visitor at the very first day it was clear that the fair will be a success and it showed at the NMC stand A06:40 as well. Visitors shared their ideas and needs openly and we were inspired to help to convert visitors’ ideas into reality!

The tradition continues

The tradition continues and we will  see you at the Elmia Subcontracting also the next year 2023. We shall see in the future what will be the theme for future fair and what we will be able to surprice you with next year!

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